Monday, October 8, 2012

Trace's Newborn Session - Houston Newborn Photographer

I present to you sweet sleepy baby Trace! 

he was about a month old when I photographed him and he was just the sweetest baby! he was soooo sleepy but kept on fighting the Zzz's, he wanted to be awake for the fun! :)
I had a really fun time photographing him and he was such a precious model!

Check out this cute little face! just starring me down :) absolutely adorable!

You can see the cute sleepy eyes wanting to just close and have a nite nite sleep..

oh finally some shut eye! lol he looks so adorable sleeping! all american baby :)

look at those tiny little toes! soooo stinken cute!

awww, what a cutie, i wonder what he was dreaming about?

oh how sweet this baby is!! he almost gave me a smile here..

of course the owl cant stay behind! 

how adorable is this!! baby trace is such a gentleman with his fancy tie! from Chikis Embellishments

This just melts my heart! how sweet and innocent! oh just so adorable :)

Sweet little angel with some super cute curls!

And there you have it folks! baby Trace was a joy to photograph and it was just so much fun! he is a future model for sure!!  

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