Monday, October 15, 2012

Nickolai Xavier's Newborn Session - Houston TX, Newborn Photographer

Meet Sweet baby Nickolai,
he was only a couple of weeks old when I had the great pleasure of capturing his handsome self :) he was such a cute little boy and sooo good with the camera! such a great model, he gave me lots of smiles through the session which was just adorable! i absolutely loved it, and as usual, i had a great time photographing him and making some great memories for his family...

Such cute little cheeks! sooo adorable, melts my heart!

the fancy man of course :) sporting a cute little tie, looks so handsome!

and of course he's gotta be a little hoot! showing off this cute little owl hat :)

Oh how happy i am that i was able to get this shot! he wasnt so sure if he wanted to be there at first, i wanted to have him leaning forward, but he was just gonna do his own thing lol and fell into this fantastic pose! i loved it!!!

All Natural√© baby, of course you have got to have this in every session! 

The Kind is here! :)

This photo just makes me thing of "baby in the womb" so adorable :)

What a sweet little angel we have here!

oh wat a cute smile!! i wonder what he was dreaming about?

This one was a request by his daddy :) he is a big Jordan's fan, so i got this shot for him :)

ok, so this is one of my all time favorite photos, i mean, that stunning look! it is just so breath taking!!

And this concludes Nickolai's Newborn session! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did!! :) it sure was fun!

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