Saturday, October 27, 2012

Brayden's 9 Month Session - Baytown Baby Photographer

Meet Sweet baby Brayden! I have been photographing him since he was about 3 months old and i have loved watching him grow! he is such a cutie and an adorable baby too! always full of expressions and smiles! ah such a joy to photograph :)

Baby in a suit case! lol such a cutie!

how adorable! just so precious! 

hehe :) i love this shot! its like he's saying "of course i look adorable in this monkey hat!" 

This one is my favorite from the bunch! Baby and momma are always precious photos :)

Look at those toeses! soo adorable!

Such a Handsome little man!

Ah there comes the exciting time! 

I love this smile! I need to get this photo printed and posted on my studio walls!

"Mommy, i dont want to wear the hat! I'm not ready to be a cowboy!" hehehe so cute!!!!

Well that is the end of baby Brayden's 9 month session :) all i can say is i cant wait to see him again and capture his fun self and his adorable smiles and of course those gorgeous eyes!! I hope you guys enjoyed this session as much as i did! as always, feel free to leave your comments below :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Macy's Newborn Session - Houston Newborn Photographer

Meet adorable Macy, she was in my studio several weeks ago, she was so precious and tiny and sweet! oh she was so much fun to photograph! it made me so happy to be able to capture her sweet beauty :)

She loks so angelic in this photo, i just adore it! 

Princess Macy is here! Mommy and Daddy are very happy about her arrival!

Natural look is always beautiful 

This is so cute! i love the "flapper" look! 

oh just beautiful! need i say more?

Daddy's Little Football player!

of course we gotta have a close up to show her beauty :)

The little sleeping owl girl gave me a smile!!! oh how adorable!

I love this shot! the colors are just amazing!

Heart full of love :) sweet little angel!

i am obsessed with this set up! just captures so much, i love babies in that basket :)

she slept so good though the whole session :) made me happy that she was comfortable 

And this view just makes me sooo happy :) so lovely!

I hope you guys enjoyed this session as much as me :) I definitely had fun with it and am super excited to watch her grow!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Skyler's Newborn Session - Houston Newborn Photographer

Meet baby Skyler! he was so adorable, such a sweet baby, he gave me so many adorable shots! i just could not get enough of him! :) 

I love his look on this photo, he is just starring at the camera, like he is a trained model and is working for a baby add or something lol so adorable :)

Just hanging out!

oh those cute lips!! so adorable!

baby owl! love those colors!  ah just love this whole session!

He was so comfortable in this pose that i just took advantage of it and used several props all there :) gotta work smarter! not harder! lol

His daddy is a Spartans fan, so getting a "My first Spartans tee" outfit photo was of course necessary :) and i absolutely adore that he is looking right at the camera!

He really liked this pose lol

so stinken cute! 

Kisses mommy! his daddy swore i wouldn't be able to get him to sit like that in this basket, and of course i had to prove him wrong! and get this great shot as well! :) so in love with it!!

so adorable! love the skulls knot cap!

the lighting and pose and everything in this shot just came out great, i absolutely adore it! 

he gave me half a smile here and i just had to take advantage of it :) how could i let that cute little smile go to waste!!

I really enjoyed photographing baby Skyler and meeting his parents and being able to capture his first couple of weeks of life! I am soooo happy with the way the photos turned out :) i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nickolai Xavier's Newborn Session - Houston TX, Newborn Photographer

Meet Sweet baby Nickolai,
he was only a couple of weeks old when I had the great pleasure of capturing his handsome self :) he was such a cute little boy and sooo good with the camera! such a great model, he gave me lots of smiles through the session which was just adorable! i absolutely loved it, and as usual, i had a great time photographing him and making some great memories for his family...

Such cute little cheeks! sooo adorable, melts my heart!

the fancy man of course :) sporting a cute little tie, looks so handsome!

and of course he's gotta be a little hoot! showing off this cute little owl hat :)

Oh how happy i am that i was able to get this shot! he wasnt so sure if he wanted to be there at first, i wanted to have him leaning forward, but he was just gonna do his own thing lol and fell into this fantastic pose! i loved it!!!

All Natural√© baby, of course you have got to have this in every session! 

The Kind is here! :)

This photo just makes me thing of "baby in the womb" so adorable :)

What a sweet little angel we have here!

oh wat a cute smile!! i wonder what he was dreaming about?

This one was a request by his daddy :) he is a big Jordan's fan, so i got this shot for him :)

ok, so this is one of my all time favorite photos, i mean, that stunning look! it is just so breath taking!!

And this concludes Nickolai's Newborn session! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did!! :) it sure was fun!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Addison's Newborn Session - Baytown, Tx Newborn Photographer

Meet baby Addison, I had the great pleasure of photographing her a few weeks back and she was just a joy to photograph and she was such a doll!! I had so much fun with her and she was just so versatile and such a wonderful baby! I am so beyond In Love with her session :)

I just love those cute little lips!! soooo adorable!

So this is the first time that i have been able to accomplish this shot! the first time i've tried too, i've always been afraid of hurting the baby, but she was sooo good! she just fell right into the position and just sat there posing for me :)

oh this just melts my heart, how angelic and adorable! need i say more?

Just chillin and enjoying her photo session :) little diva in the makin!

such an adorable little baby girl...

super cute with the aviator hat! 

This reminds me of an egyptian dancer or something along those lines, she just looks so adorable!!

This was such a sweet shot, and i just love the colors in that hat from Chikis Embellishments! super cute homespun yarn!

and of course you always have to have the "all natural" shot, and this was just perfect!

This was a new prop that i bought and i didnt have any hats or headbands to match it, so i pulled one of my "too long" jeans and cut the bottom off and made a headband lol well it fit perfectly! such a cute little angel :) i'm printing this one on a big canvas!

Oh lord, the look on this one is priceless!! i absolutely love it!!

now, not to brag about my own photography, but this shot is just stunning! she was looking right to the camera and that pinky finger the way it is, it is just sooo classy and adorable!

I hope you guys enjoy this session as much as i did :) it was an absolute pleasure to be able to photograph such an adorable little girl :) looking forward to having her back in the studio for her one year old cake smash!!