Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beautiful Ruby's Newborn Session - Houston Photographer

Sweet little Ruby was my first official newborn session. She is such a cutie! just look at that beautiful smile!! and she looks so angelic sleeping too :)

hope you guys enjoyed it! 

Sweet Ehlix's Newborn Session - Baytown Photography

I present to you sweet Ehlix! he was one of my first newborn session and I absolutely loved it!! he did not at all give me a hard time! such a model! :) anyways, i hope you guys enjoy!

and this is the end of my favorite shots! i hope you guys loved them as much as i did :) feel free to comment!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tina's 4th of July Mini Session

Mrs. Tina Wilson's 4th of july mini session was a success!! she was doubtful at first that i would be able to capture her gorgeous eyes and that beautiful smile! but I proved myself to her :)

look at those beautiful blue eyes!! they just make you want to stare at them!!

she is alway very thoughtful hehe

this is one of my favorite shots of her 

and here we have Ms. America!!

Ethan's 4th of July Mini Session

Here are Terra Thomas's cute babies :) they were very fun to photograph and very happy and smiley too!! I had tons of fun getting Mr. Ethan to smile!! hehehe

look at him go in this picture!! he was having so much fun!!

I think he is wondering what his finger tastes like lol

and his beautiful sister!! she has a great smile!

Look at that cute smile and those chubby cheeks!!

what an innocent look :)

awww here we have brother and sister together! don't they look cute!!

I think he wanted to take my camera haha he wants to be a photographer when he grows up hehe

ready to tackle the enemy and get a touch down!!!!

such a cute and soft look!!

man he really loved that foot ball

Isabella's 4th of July Mini Session

Here is one of the most Gorgeous, fun, and easy to photograph baby! not only because she is my friend's baby, but because it is the truth!

she is always ready for the shot and she poses too!! she is gonna be a model for sure when she grows up!! :)

Stunning look from Ms Isabella and her surprised little baby face

and here is the most silly and cute worried look i have ever seen in my entire life!

look at those gorgeous eyes and that beautiful smile from Ms Flapper Girl hehe

the outfit sure suits the personality 

its as if posing just came to her! she don't even have to work at it!

and look at that gorgeous smile that shows that one little tooth that is coming out on this beautiful baby!!!

isn't this the cutest "oh no you din't" look you have ever seen?!?!?

although the sun was on her face in these shots she still manages to stay beautiful and cute :) Ms. Isabella is always lots of fun to photograph! i can't wait until i get to catch these fantastic moments again :)

Adriana's 4th of july Mini Session

Here we have Adriana and two of her Precious little girls! well one little and the other one grown and gorgeous :) they had lots of fun and so did I photographing this trio! 

Here is Aileen excited when Isabella (her baby friend) came over to her mini session!!

Here we have the ladies together Ms. Karina and Ms. Adriana

she has such a cute laugh!

Aileen really loved that bucket hehe

so much that she was using it to pick flowers!! 

this is a stunning shot! i love it! it is one of my favorite shots from my whole portfolio :)

4th of July tutu skirt!! she looks precious!

Ms. Karina, Gorgeous smile! 

This shoot was crazy fun and beautiful too!! I hope they loved and enjoyed the pictures as much as i did!!