Saturday, May 10, 2014

Maternity Photography - Houston Photographer - Humble Tx

Recently i've been photographing lots of maternity sessions which only bring more newborns which is awesome!! i am particularly in love with some images that i am about to share with you, i love seeing how much i have grown and keep growing and learning through the years! i hope you enjoy as well!

So this mommy was gorgeous! and the location as well, it was just the perfect spot!

I love how beautiful and natural this looks, makes momma look so sexy and confident of herself, just gorgeous!

Beautiful couple expecting their first baby! ah so cute! loved seeing how much love they have for each other!

This momma had some flexibility! it was amazing!! love how different and beautiful this is!

The whole family together! just precious! love the country style too!

This momma is gorgeous! and this location was perfect for her as well! love how these colors just pop!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Newborns of 2013 - East Houston Newborn Photographer

This year has been an extremely busy year for us here at Abba Color Photography, we had a total of 101 newborn Sessions, 98 are shown here. Two sets of twins and one set of triplets from those! It was an absolutely amazing year.
This year also marked the line for the year i finally was able to quit my day job and dedicate my whole time to my business and family, specially with the arrival of our new son who is about to turn a year old at the end of January, time sure does fly by!! 

I want to give a huge thanks to all of our wonderful customers who have trusted me with their babies and allowed me to capture these beautiful memories for you! You have made my dream job come true and i couldn't be happier!! 

We did a total of 285 sessions this year which is a huge increase from the 91 we did last year! business is growing and the babies are coming left and right!! 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Newborn Christmas Sessions 2013

This Holiday Season has been my very busiest so far, it has been stressful, crazy, fun, and more than anything, very fulfilling!! i have loved photographing everyone of these babies and i am happily sharing with you the beautiful photos that they allowed me to capture :) i hope you enjoy!! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kaihan's Newborn Session - Houston Newborn Photographer

Meet baby Kaihan! he was the cutest little boy! and I was blessed with the opportunity of capturing his first weeks of life! he was such a sweet little boy, and he gave me so many shots! it was amazing, I just couldn't get enough of him!

Look at those gorgeous eyes!! oh my gosh I was so in love with him!

Such a cutie pie! 

This shot was for dad :) 

look at those adorable lips, ah just so cute!

Such a cute little man with that tie, green is totally his color!

and blue is too!

Big Sister and Little Brother! sister's eyes are just gorgeous! 

This image is just perfect! I just love it :)


I am so obsessed with baby toes, they are just so cute!

Momma loves Sock Monkey and Coca Cola, so this shot is for her! :) so adorable!

Can you find Waldo?? hehehe this is just so stinken cute! i cannot get over it <3

I had a blast with this session, Kaihan's family was very welcoming and so very sweet, I really appreciate them opening their home and allowing me to capture their little one's early days :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whoo Will We Meet? Gender Reveal Party!

As many of you already know, i'm expecting to deliver my baby in about a week! yup, little stubborn baby may just go past his due date!! anyways, i wanted to share with you guys the gender reveal party that we had a few months ago to let our family and friends know what we were having! it was such a fun party! and it was all organized by Mrs. Jessika Rosales from Mariposa Event Decor who does a fantastic job! i highly recommend her for any and all of your party needs!! 

The theme was "Owl Always Love you!" because of course i am obsesses with owls!! lol and i thought it would be really cute! Mariposa Event Decor set us up with an awesome Candy bufette! of course all pink and blue! lets see which team wins!!

These Yummies you see here are from a Pampered Chef recipe! They are S'more Cups! and if anybody would like the recipe i am glad to share! 

This delicious Mocha cake was from Carousel Cakes! She made it completely custom, flavor and all! and it was sooo yummy!! I highly recommend her for all your cake needs! she does Fondant and also Buttercream cakes. 

And of course for the big reveal!!!! WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!!

Yup a beautiful little boy should be arriving by January 25th, but if he decides to be stubborn then he will be here no later than February 1st which is the date that they have chosen to induce me! Eeek! i am so excited and nervous at the same time!! this has been long long awaited! 

When people say this baby was wanted, this baby was planned and wanted and desired for a very long time, not counting the pregnancy time! lol this is a bit personal, but i'll share with my awesome fans :) Our wedding was on December 9th of 2009, and about 5 months later, we decided we had waited long enough and that we wanted a baby! so i got off my birth control pills and we went at it! well we waited and waited, but nothing happened!

A year later, which how long doctors recommend you wait before you seek medical help, we went to the infertility doctor to see what we could do. I was told that i had PCOS that was supposedly caused by a very fast increase in my weight due to the birth control/lack of exercise. Which i was very shocked about! lol well we tried fertility meds for one round, but that didn't seem to help, the doctor was very rude, as if wanting to start a family at 23 was just ridiculous! so we decided to "give it a rest for a little while" 

After almost another year had gone by with us trying and not trying, we decided to try some new strategies that we found in a book that seemed a little silly, but it was worth the try! lol after all what was another few months added to those two years? 

On May 20th of 2012, a day after my birthday, a month after all our little strategies, i was at church and was very very sentimental, i mean like cried over every little thing anybody said, sang or did. It was a bit abnormal for me as i don't usually cry in front of people. That day the preacher talked about leaving things in the hands of God, letting him take control of your life. The day before, i had been having cramps and my mom had mentioned that when she got pregnant with my brother she had felt the same way, and knowing myself, and how easily i get my hopes up, i decided to take a test after church that next day so that i could see a big negative and just get over it and let God take control of things....

To my surprise, i peed on that stick, and after only a few seconds i saw two bars! two beautiful pink bars that indicated that i was indeed pregnant! PREGNANT you say?? What?!?!? this cant be real, i told myself. I immediately started crying, i couldn't even breathe. It was so hard for me to believe that after two long years, i was finally pregnant....but wait, what if it was a false positive?? i started going crazy! 

I texted my hubby (who had just left for work) and showed him the picture of the pregnancy test, he immediately texted back and asked "ummm, what is that?" haha poor guy was so confused and thought it was a joke or something. I told him, "its a pregnancy test baby, and its positive" to which he responded, "sooooo, you're pregnant?" lol i said "well thats what the test says" immediately he made the same assumption i did thinking it could be a false positive, so he made me go buy two more tests of different brands and take those as well.

As you can see, all tests came back positive and we were indeed going to have a baby! finally, a little bundle of our own!! and now, just a few days away from meeting this little guy, we are so very nervous and excited! i remind myself of how i was when i was hoping all my tests came back positive as i wait here wondering when my water will break or when the contractions will start! 

So keep us in your prayers, and wish us luck! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Brayden's 9 Month Session - Baytown Baby Photographer

Meet Sweet baby Brayden! I have been photographing him since he was about 3 months old and i have loved watching him grow! he is such a cutie and an adorable baby too! always full of expressions and smiles! ah such a joy to photograph :)

Baby in a suit case! lol such a cutie!

how adorable! just so precious! 

hehe :) i love this shot! its like he's saying "of course i look adorable in this monkey hat!" 

This one is my favorite from the bunch! Baby and momma are always precious photos :)

Look at those toeses! soo adorable!

Such a Handsome little man!

Ah there comes the exciting time! 

I love this smile! I need to get this photo printed and posted on my studio walls!

"Mommy, i dont want to wear the hat! I'm not ready to be a cowboy!" hehehe so cute!!!!

Well that is the end of baby Brayden's 9 month session :) all i can say is i cant wait to see him again and capture his fun self and his adorable smiles and of course those gorgeous eyes!! I hope you guys enjoyed this session as much as i did! as always, feel free to leave your comments below :)