Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Skyler's Newborn Session - Houston Newborn Photographer

Meet baby Skyler! he was so adorable, such a sweet baby, he gave me so many adorable shots! i just could not get enough of him! :) 

I love his look on this photo, he is just starring at the camera, like he is a trained model and is working for a baby add or something lol so adorable :)

Just hanging out!

oh those cute lips!! so adorable!

baby owl! love those colors!  ah just love this whole session!

He was so comfortable in this pose that i just took advantage of it and used several props all there :) gotta work smarter! not harder! lol

His daddy is a Spartans fan, so getting a "My first Spartans tee" outfit photo was of course necessary :) and i absolutely adore that he is looking right at the camera!

He really liked this pose lol

so stinken cute! 

Kisses mommy! his daddy swore i wouldn't be able to get him to sit like that in this basket, and of course i had to prove him wrong! and get this great shot as well! :) so in love with it!!

so adorable! love the skulls knot cap!

the lighting and pose and everything in this shot just came out great, i absolutely adore it! 

he gave me half a smile here and i just had to take advantage of it :) how could i let that cute little smile go to waste!!

I really enjoyed photographing baby Skyler and meeting his parents and being able to capture his first couple of weeks of life! I am soooo happy with the way the photos turned out :) i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!

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