Thursday, October 18, 2012

Macy's Newborn Session - Houston Newborn Photographer

Meet adorable Macy, she was in my studio several weeks ago, she was so precious and tiny and sweet! oh she was so much fun to photograph! it made me so happy to be able to capture her sweet beauty :)

She loks so angelic in this photo, i just adore it! 

Princess Macy is here! Mommy and Daddy are very happy about her arrival!

Natural look is always beautiful 

This is so cute! i love the "flapper" look! 

oh just beautiful! need i say more?

Daddy's Little Football player!

of course we gotta have a close up to show her beauty :)

The little sleeping owl girl gave me a smile!!! oh how adorable!

I love this shot! the colors are just amazing!

Heart full of love :) sweet little angel!

i am obsessed with this set up! just captures so much, i love babies in that basket :)

she slept so good though the whole session :) made me happy that she was comfortable 

And this view just makes me sooo happy :) so lovely!

I hope you guys enjoyed this session as much as me :) I definitely had fun with it and am super excited to watch her grow!!

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