Monday, March 21, 2011

Girl in the red head band

This particular session has a very good story behind it :) it thought me a good lesson.

A while back, about a year and a half ago or so, one of my mom's friends came over to the house with her daughter and asked if I could photograph her so that she could send the pictures to her dad in Mexico. Of course I said yes, and we did a session and the pictures came out awesome and I edited them and they were ready to print, BUT after that I lost contact with the lady. I never heard from her again.

Well Saturday I saw her at my mom's house! Completely by accident, and she asked me if I had done h daughter's pictures, so I said yes! And then I remembered that I had my iPad with me and that I could show her right away! So I did. She saw them and picked the ones she wanted to print and now I have closure on that job :D

Anyways, here are my favorite shots from that session.

And there they are :) I hope you guys like them!

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