Sunday, March 20, 2011

David & Jessica's Wedding Pictures

Last week on march 15th I did my first wedding, and it was amazing!! I had loads of fun!! It was incredible how much I enjoyed doing this!! What was even more amazing was that in that same day I got a call for another wedding session!!

Anyways, cutting to the chase :) here are the amazing shots I got from my very first wedding session :)

She was getting her daughter's hair done, very beautiful ladies

Her daughter was so sweet

And here is the groom getting ready

Can you see the love?

Her bouquet was beautiful! And their wedding rings were amazing too!!

And here is the happy couple holding hands

Their first dance

The beautiful bride

And here goes the cake! Don't let him get away!!

The lovely couple again

This is my personal favorite


The happy groom receiving his happy family :)

The groom and his two boys

The groom and his two girls

Well guys, these were my favorite shots from the wedding, so I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :) comments are greatly appreciated!!

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